Euskalmet Widget

These widgets allow you to display the weather information provided by Euskalmet on any website in a simple and fast way. Thanks to these widgets you can Insert weather forecast, sea state, radar images, models, etc. on your website. To do this you just have to insert a few lines in the code of your website as we explain below.

You can also consult the license to use these widgets in this content.


The content and information made available through these widgets or components will be subject to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Spain license.

In any case, the user will comply with the following obligations:

    • That the content of the information is not altered.
    • That the meaning of the information is not distorted.
    • That the source is cited and complies with the requirements established in the data use license.
    • That the date of the last update be mentioned.

The use of the information made available on this website that violates the provisions of this legal notice, as well as the damages caused to the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Administration of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi will give rise to the exercise of actions. that legally correspond to said Administration and, where appropriate, to the responsibilities that arise from said exercise.